Day 2

Day 1 was amazing.  Lots of stuff like this went down.

Day 2 is about to begin.  I just talked to Dan and Blair in Australia.  They sounded like they were having a good time.  They have been crushing all of the usual spots in Sydney and are preparing for the long drive North.  Hopefully they can stop by Byron Bay to find the tears that Stefan left there.  More updates soon….


The Thundah Down Undah

The team is crushing it in Australia right now.  Daniel Grant is on some kind of winning spree with the rest of the team sweeping up anything he leaves behind.  Congratulations to Daniel, Andrew, and Mayce for holding it down at Boardstock this year.

A litle closer to home, Collin flew in last night to do some epic filming this week.  The temperatures in Texas are going to be approaching 80 all week so we are ready to do some work.  Stefan has a few days off of the daily grind at the skate shop (pun intended), and Brett and I spent the day massaging ledges in preparation of the week.

Have a great day,


Spots on spots on spots

Yesterday was a magical one in Oz and not just because we were with wizard Zip. We spent the morning checking out all the famed winch spots in the area that I had always heard about but for some reason never went too. They all lived up to the hype and today’s we rode one of them and things went way better then expected. Plans really coming together and shit. We even had Chris Oshea come along to put out some great vibes and shoot some photos. I don’t know how but we really have the ball rolling down here. I may move. Yesterday we also went into the city and skated some famous spots around the harbour with our old friend Justin Sweeny. Andrew was pumped to see the sights and ride on his first train and subway. Big moves!  We were supposed to leave Zip’s today to surf and enjoy a little vacation on our way to an Australia day celebration with ol Edwards but since we are on such a heavy wake bender we figured we would keep it going and shoot more photos with Chris and hit more spots. Wake or die man


It feels good to be back home at  Hopefully we can reignite some of the internet stoke our team lost on our last site.  Probably not, but it sure is fun to try.

here is a link to what Trav has been up to lately.

Collin is coming to Texas tomorrow to do some filming.  Dan isn’t the only one with dreams.  Have fun in OZ big cat.



Aus update

We made it through the Australian Boardstock in flying colors and with professionalism literally spilling out of our pockets. Andrew rode great and little Dan is a machine. I couldn’t really get into anything but the kicker but once I found that I was in love. I had the opportunity to present Australian Obscura rider Mayce Dipple with wakeskater of the year in the Australian Riders Choice Awards which was awesome. Way to go Mayce. Today we spent all morning filming chase boat stuff with all the guys. Big thanks to Trav and Timmy for helping us out with the boats and perfect tugs. Matty Edwards and a couple of the guys had to leave today but we are going to be meeting back up with them shortly. Tomorrow were going to go hit some spots around Sydney and show Andrew the attractions. Zip also says he is going to perform some of his magic on the streets for tips to see how much money he could earn with his true passion and Blair said he might try to scale the Harbor Bridge and do a laid out backflip off the top. It should be a good day!


Young Fortenberry and myself have made it to the great country across the ocean and boy is it hot. Both literally and metaphorically. Yesterday was the hottest day ever recorded over here with the temperature reaching 115 degrees. It was a great way to boil off thhelmet lag and strangness of the long flight and we got to spend it with our Australian brothers Zip, Blair, Travis, Timmy, and Scotty during a day of boating, spot hitting, and BBQ ing. Today we’re off to the Penrith Cable park to attempt to ride in the Australian Boardstock and not look completely ridiculous compared to Daniel Grant who is also in town. Check back to the site for more updates on our travels. Next week you will probably see a photo of me deep in some kind of tasty barrel with my toes on the nose. Or at least that’s my plan.



Droppin some knowledge