Dog Dayz TEASER #1

Dog Dayz is a West Coast wakeboard film full of West Coast riders. Riders like Kaesen Suyderhoud, Derek Cook, Melissa Marquardt, Jacob Valdez, Josh Twelker, Mike Schwenne, Keaton Bowlby, Trever Maur, Randall Harris, and more. Sit back and let the bangers soak in. Stay tuned to Dog Dayz on Instagram for more updates and release dates.

Night of the living shred 10/31/15 – Jibtopia Wakepark


jibtobia haloween


If you didn’t make it last year, your regret may still be haunting you… This year they’ve decided to turn this super spooky event into a horrifying Halloween celebration! Various electrifyingly eerie events and games will be offered throughout the day! They will be hosting a costume contest for riders as well as capturing all the dressed up riders on film for a scary shred video! There will be tons of creepy prize packages up for grabs!  They will end the evening with a huge Halloween party at Bar 119 across the street. But be warned, You will need a costume for the after party too (One that’s not wet).  This is the last big bash of the year and you don’t want to miss out! Dare to be scared!


Friday in Wakeskate City was epic with warm water & flat water.  It was pretty epic watching everyone ride behind a 25/hp Boston Whaler in front of a floatilla! They were able to get a drone lined up to shoot for us.
Saturday the party continued at the cable with over 30 participants in the annual Relentless comp. Tons of progression and stoke were in the air all day. In the end the home team took home the win by just 1 point.

LF’N Awesome Blu Ray Movie

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Sacramento Fire
With the weather expected to be almost 90 degrees this weekend and the water temperatures still very warm, we have decided to open the AQUA PARK one last weekend!  This Saturday & Sunday October 3rd and 4th, we will be open under normal operating hours!  Print out or show this email on your phone and get your AQUA PARK tickets for only $15!

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Upcoming events & promotions

October Operating HoursClosed Mondays, Tuesdays, & Wednesdays!
Weekdays: 12pm – 6:00pm
Weekends: 11am – 6:00pm

We always offer $10 (25%) off any normal pass to all military, Fire, & Police.A couple quick reminders:

  • Oct 3rd & 4th will be the last two days the AQUA PARK is open
  • The cable park will be open through the end of October, if not longer.
  • Buy any board or bindings in our board shop and receive a $49 pass vouchers or buy any package and get a $69 pass voucher.

Daniel Grant Island Blessings | Search is Everything

BRO10 – A Decade of BROstock


Is it a coincidence that decade just needs three more letters to become decadence? We couldn’t find the answer on Google, but after the tenth BROstock this past June we’re gonna say nope. Plus, Motley Crue… never mind, you’re probably too young for that. But just when you thought the tricks couldn’t get any better, or the party couldn’t get any crazier, or the beer couldn’t get any… beer-ier, BRO10 came along and smacked us all in the face. And ass. Not always in that order. So what did we at Alliance do to make the tenth iteration of wakeboarding-double-up-party shenanigans even more special? We brought our 21-year-old intern. Boom goes the dynamite.


The intern, soaking it in

As it has for the previous three years, BROstock kicked off with the charity drink-a-thon golf tournament at Tan-Tar-A Resort in Osage Beach. Local partiers fans were paired with pro riders and sent off shotgun style for a 9-hole round of best-ball golf. The thing is this might be the one tournament where scores don’t matter and there are no winners or losers. It’s basically a party that takes place on a golf course. Think Caddyshack, but with wakeboarders. Think gut-wrenching hilarious, but with alcohol and hilarious-er. Trust us, when you mix wakeboarders, fans, booze, golf carts, and some golf, it’s an unbelievable concoction of awesome. The actual golf highlight (of which there were few) was a not-totally-sober Jimmy LaRiche hitting a 150-yard 7-iron shot for eagle on the par 5. Barefoot. Non-golf highlights (of which there were many) included JD welcoming and then rejecting his friend-for-the-day Jack, the shoeys served to forced upon the golfers that missed the green on Alliance’s par 3 hole, and a cart that may or may not have ended up in a pond…


Henny’s backswing: not as good as his back lip    Photo: Rutledge

 Truth be told the golf gathering really is a great way to kick off the BRO weekend, although that sentiment might have differed had the contest started first thing Friday morning. Fortunately for everybody involved the first rider off the dock wasn’t until 2:00 PM the day after golf, so riders’ heads were in the clear (relatively speaking) for some double ups.


Nothing but the best of tech for the BRO competitors     Photo: Rutledge


While some cynical riders and staff might bemoan BROstock as a “same party, different year” endeavor, it’s still BROstock, and as Adam Errington so aptly described it, “It’s just not real here.” Things got typically unreal really fast for BRO10 as the die hard flotilla-goers congregated ridiculously early and proceeded to party rage. If there were a dictionary just for wakeboarding – and “ridiculous” was already taken by Bob’s hair – “ludicrous” would be reserved for the BROstock flotilla. It is laughably insane. Take a couple hundred expensive boats, lash them together while double up rollers bounce them around, turn the stereo up to 11 (with different music coming from each boat), and introduce booze to everybody on board. That is the BROstock flotilla. That is ludicrous. And it makes everybody cry happier.



Were there elements of “same year, different party”? Of course, but these are all things that have come to define BROstock and make it that much better:

  • Shitshow flotilla party
  • Jersey Joe
  • A little rain
  • PBR Dave
  • Beer bongs
  • Crazy dude in the banana suit
  • Monster Girls laughing hysterically at other girls in the shitshow flotilla party doing stupid things for free stuff
  • Dudes going hog wild for BRO edition Spy shades
  • DJ Lamont spinning at Captain Ron’s
  • Gregg Necrason driving double ups
  • Everybody’s jaw dropping watching Randall hit double ups at 27 MPH


Randall-sized half-cab front     Photo: Cortese

There were a few different things this year though, too. For instance, rather than taking part as a rider, doing a backside 7, getting knocked out in the first round and subsequently flooding his liver with PBR; Kevin Henshaw was a judge this year. So instead he flooded his liver with PBR from the first round on while sitting in the boat to help decide who would win $15,000. #NBD. The other difference this year actually made Kevin and the other judges’ jobs a bit easier. A handful of riders had to bail at the last minute because it was that time of the month,they weren’t interested in $15k, their girls made them… well, who cares, right? This left the field at 16 riders, which made it not only easier to judge, but also guaranteed every rider there a piece of the money pot. #winning


Langley giving it a go     Photo: Rutledge 

As is always the case with BROstock the action was better and more riveting than many expected. Much of this was thanks to Randall for once again launching like only he can. The other strong performances were probably due to the second late start time in a row… #whathangover But right off the dock with his first trick in the 8-man final Harley Clifford landed a clean double indy tantrum. Harley took the 2014 title with that very trick, so all seven remaining riders knew they were going to have to put up or shut up. Of those seven, the only one who put up a fight was none other than JD Webb, a rider who hadn’t been to BROstock since it was back in Lake Powell. On his third double up JD stomped a wrapped nose grab toe back 9 that had everybody on the start dock going nuts. To see a trick like that landed in a setting like BROstock is pretty insane. Harley set the bar and JD had at least matched it, but it was all up the judges. In the end, after some more serious PBR thinking, it was decided that not only was JD the winner of first place, but he was also Mr. BROstock, which, to be perfectly honest, is worth well more than $15k in just the morale boost alone.


Claiming it is totally acceptable when you’re landing a wrapped toe back 9 at BROstock…     Photo: Cortese


Good luck?     Photo: Rutledge


BROstock 2015 results

  1. JD Webb
  2. Harley Clifford
  3. Bob Soven


Podium stoke     Photo: Rutledge

In the end, despite the seemingly endless similarities year after year, BRO10 was both a great time and a huge success. Not only has BROstock proven to be both the best contest and party rolled into one year after year, but it has continually allowed fans one hell of an awesome way to watch the best riders in the world up close and then party with them all night later. Find one person from BROstock who didn’t have a good time and you’ll likely find a person who needs to see a doctor to have the stick removed from their ass probably just partied too hard too early, passed out, and missed all the fun. After a couple days of partying at Lake of the BROzarks during BROstock, it’s to be expected you’ll wake up on Sunday smelling of regret PBR and Fireball, but when you’ve got 362 days to recover you know you’re coming back from more. And what good is regret if you’re already thinking about next year?

Harley Clifford Takes Home the 2015 WWA Supra Boats World Championship

Harley Clifford Takes Home the 2015 WWA Supra Boats World Championship and his 5th WBWS Win This Year

Lake Alfred, Fla. (September 19 2015) – The Professional Men put on a show at the WWA Supra Boats World Championship presented by Rockstar Energy with the entire men’s podium putting in stand up runs. The scores between the top three were extremely close, but in the end it was Australia’s Harley Clifford taking home his third World title after landing two 900’s and several mobe 5 variations. Noah Flegel matched that with two 900’s of his own, putting him ahead of Cory Teunissen for the runner-up spot.  Steel Lafferty wowed the fans by raising the bar and being the only one of the weekend to land a double flip.

“I had so much fun out on the lake today,” said Clifford. “We had a great turn out with fans going crazy all weekend and the competition couldn’t have been more stacked for them in main. Overall, I couldn’t be happier with how the weekend went.”

Nic Rapa of Australia continued his winning streak as he had a great run with a huge and technical trick list, while USA’s Tyler Higham and Joel Bartley of Australia rounded off the podium in the Jr. Pro Men’s division.

The battle raged on in the Pro Women’s class as Meagan Ethell, Dallas Friday and Raimi Merrit fought for the World Championship.  Ethell blew fans and judges away as she stuck four mobes with a few stylish spins and grabs to be crowned Pro Women’s World Champion. Ethell was pressured heavily by Merrit who performed a more spin based run, while Friday rounded off the podium in third place.

“I’m so stoked to be crowned World Champion,” said Ethell. “The conditions here in Portugal were perfect all weekend which allowed me to land everything in my trick list on my final run. This year has been intense to say the least and I’m really looking forward to the next round.”

In the Pro Wakeskate final, Reed Hansen performed three different 360 variations behind the Supra SE550 to place first and be crowned World Champ, receiving his eighth World Championship in Pro Wakeskate.

“Portugal has been bar far my favorite event of the year,” said Hansen. “From the fans to the city atmosphere, I had a blast riding here. The water conditions were prime today, coupled with the amazing wake of the Supra SE550 allowed me to land everything and grab the World Championship.”

Once all the finals were complete, the awards ceremony took place on a yacht where the World Champions were crowned and the runners up. Fireworks ended the celebration when Clifford was crowned 2015 WWA Wakeboard World Champion.

2015 WWA Supra Wakeboard World Championships Presented by Rockstar Energy – Ferreira Do Zezere, Portugal
Friday, September 19, 2015
Jr. Pro Men’s

  1. Rappa, Nic                       AUS       84.33
  2. Higham, Tyler                  USA       71.67
  3. Bartley, Joel                     AUS       57.67
  4. Watt, Lewy                       AUS       55.00
  5. Holihan, Robby                USA       52.33
  6. Digney, Elliot                    USA       47.00

Professional Wakeskate

  1. Hansen, Reed                 USA       73.33
  2. Hampson, Danny            USA       59.33
  3. Polterock, Austin             USA       46.67
  4. Grubb, Brian                    USA       39.00

Women’s Professional

  1. Ethell, Meagan                USA       94.67
  2. Merritt, Raimi                   USA       71.67
  3. Friday, Dallas                  USA       65.67
  4. Mikacich, Tarah               USA       58.33
  5. McCullough, Taylor         USA       43.33
  6. Butler, Nicola                   USA       39.67

Mens Professional

  1. Clifford, Harley                 AUS       95.33
  2. Flegel, Noah                     USA       92.67
  3. Teunissen, Cory               AUS       89.00
  4. Carroll, Tony                    USA       83.33
  5. Tezuka, Shota                 JPN        58.00
  6. Iacconi, Tony                   AUS       50.00

Daniel Grant TAO Teaser


The Wake Awards went down this past week at Surf Expo in the dramatic fashion that it always does. Hopefully you paid attention all night on Twitter as it all unfolded, and if you didn’t check out the full list of results. The night went down as it always does, with the top riders, industry heads and the who’s who of the wake industry staring at the incessant glow of the stage as the winners are unveiled and the masses cheer. While all the awards are significant, it was Rodrigo and Pat Panakos that received the biggest roars from the crowd during the night.

Check out all of the award winners below.